Saturday, June 26, 2010


Why have I been a fan of Pro Wrestling since the 70s? It's the REALITY OF THE ILLUSION. The art (and it IS ART) of creating "Reality" with illusion has always been the draw I've felt from Pro Wrestling. Seeing a perfectly executed finisher that TRULY looks like someone just got his head smashed, but didn't... is pure magic. It's like a great magic trick that fills the viewer with wonder and amazement.
Case in point,

The double moonsault!

the Poisoned Frankensteiner!

Turnbuckle brainbuster!

Crash Thunder Buster!

Rikishi Driver!



  1. Art? I've never really been interested in wrestling, but listening to you on other topic podcasts, using references to wrestling, in the art sense, has made me a follower here. Maybe you'll teach me a thing or two about this art, after all! (I'm partial to martial arts, emphasis on "arts"... so we're not that far off). Great to see it from your perspective. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Man! I never really thought of prowrestling like the Martial "Arts" but it's true they are connected by their emphasis on "Arts" I couldn't show you any moves(I'm just a fan, not a student) so maybe you could show me a thing or two about your Art! Thanks for looking!